Welcome to Savwinch Boat Anchor Winches!

Overall Production

A lot of time, effort and a high standard of excellence goes into the production of all Savwinch products. Products are quality tested before sale to the public. Replacement parts are easily available locally and do not need to be sourced from overseas. This saves time and effort for the customer wanting a quick response to their enquiries. It also ensures the quality of parts sourced is high.

It is also up to you to support us! To help our business remain in Australia and knowing that your money spent is kept in our shores. If you look at our pricing you will notice that we are not much dearer than overseas inferior products and the small difference in price is purely the higher quality parts used. This will give you peace of mind that your Savwinch is there for the long haul and if anything does go wrong that you will be supported with local parts. Thank you for spending your time reading this page and in doing so finding out all about our manufacturing.

Drum Manufacturing

Our drum fabrication work at Savwinch is also manufactured by an Australian owned and based company. We only use the highest quality 316 all marine-grade Stainless steel for our drums. The work is done by Australians, hence securing Australian manufacturing jobs, and to high quality Australian standards only too rare these days with the flooding of cheap overseas imports. Check out the clip above to see a snapshot of the drum assembly plant used to make Savwinch drums.